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Three decades of photography and interest

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Advice and preparation for a unique Wedding

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Father And Son

Forty years of photography & Cinematography experience in gorgan
By his Father and Following his path, son

Wedding Photography

Includes realistic photography of the Bride in the location of Mardomak Garden or pristine nature as well as doing preliminary projects or formality in the form of photography or making video clips
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wedding clip

Making and producting video clip
of the bride in different places

KIDS & Baby Photography

The most enjoyable work is photographing children in the garden. Preparing a real Birthday video and Photographing Children in the Unique space of the Mardomak Garden
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Making and preparing clip
of the child’s birth in the garden

Advertising Short Video

Production  of Promotional Video

Advertising Film

Instagram Video

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Free Style Photography

Include modeling photography, bloggers and singer
cover art in different location

Promotional photography

specialized photography of jewelry

Industrial Photography

Photography of factory products


In 2015 For the first time, we Established a Private Garden With various Decors and Natural land spaces. Carrying out Photography and Filming projects in a Unique and Private Location.